Shari O'Neill

For Our Children, For Their Futures.

Candidate for Coquitlam School Trustee

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Quality Education for all

My Platform


All children deserve access to an education that will help them reach their full potential. I will advocate for more specialist teachers and increased support staff so our students can get the assessments and support they need in a timely manner. Parents should never have to pay out of pocket for an assessment on their child. 


When our students are in school they should be safe. Whether it's traffic safety around our school's pick up and drop off areas or cyber safety and bullying, as a Trustee, safety will be a priority.

Strong Partnerships

It takes a village to raise a child. I believe in working collaboratively to ensure our students get the best possible education. Whether it's working with our local early childhood development table or advocating with the Provincial government, as a Trustee I will work tirelessly to create strong partnerships for our school communities. 

District Parent Advisory Committee Exec., Board, at Children of the Street Society annual fundraiser

My Experience

I have been an active parent volunteer, in our school district, since 2008 in various capacities over the years. Along with my volunteering I have attended many school board meetings. 

* District Parent Advisory Committee, Executive Board Member (DPAC) -    Parent Education Coordinator and Member At Large. In the role of Parent Education Coordinator, I have organized free presentations for parents such as:  Healthy Minds, Healthy Children mental health fair, Social Media awareness with Jesse Miller and Carol Todd from the Amanda Todd Legacy Society, the dangers of online grooming, with Children of the Street Society, knowing your rights and how to advocate for your child with BCCPAC, ( BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils ), and a night with Port Moody Police School Liaison with guest Boomerang parental control app creator.

* School District 43-Aboriginal Advisory Committee member.  I was honored to have been on this committee for the past 4 years. I learned a lot about First Nations, and was able to collaborate with an amazing group of people. 

* School District 43-Enchantment Project Fundraising Committee member. The Enchantment Project is near and dear to my heart. This project and its fundraising helps SD43 grads in need, with tuxedos, dresses, shoes, grad tickets, and more. Every grad deserves to look and feel their best on their special day, they've earned it. 

* Active on my children's school PACs, (Hot Lunch Coordinator and Karate Fundraising Coordinator). As Hot Lunch Coordinator and Karate Fundraiser Coordinator, in conjunction with parent volunteers, helped raise over $42,000 for our school over a 4 year span. I was also on the School Safety Committee and the School Planning Committee, helped with Teacher Appreciation lunches, Terry Fox Day, and Multi Cultural Day.

* Former Coquitlam Montessori Society School Liaison.  I spent countless volunteer hours with the CMS, doing equipment inventory in many classes in the school district, as well as collecting donations and connecting with parents.

* SD43 School Naming Committee - Participated in the naming of the new elementary school on Burke Mtn., Smiling Creek Elementary

   In addition to being active in the school community I am also active within our city community:

* Former Amanda Todd Legacy Board member

* Member of the Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce and volunteer    Ambassador

* Former Sgt. At Arms for the Chamber of Commerce Toast Masters

* I have also volunteered for Operation Red Nose, Port Moody Rib Fest   and KidSport

In the fall of 2017 I was honored to be a top 3 finalist, (out of 43 women) for the Women's Collaborative Hub 'Inspirational Wonder Woman' Award, for women volunteering in the education field. 

A Little About Myself

I am the Mother of 2 children, a 15-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. Both go to school in School District 43. My  husband and I own a small family business. Before becoming a Mother and business owner, I worked in the Vancouver Film Industy for 14 years as a Production Assistant, Assistant Director, Office Assistant and Background Coordinator.  I have lived in Coquitlam for over 20 years. I love my community and I enjoy raising my family here. I believe it takes a village to raise a child and schools are a vital and integral part of that village.


CUPE 561

New West District Labor Council

Member of Parliament, Fin Donnelly; Shari O’Neill is a devoted advocate for children. She is committed to making our school community a better place, and has worked hard serving the community through her work on the District Parent Advisory Committee. Shari would be a welcome addition to SD43’s Board of Education.

City of Coquitlam Councillor, Bonita Zarrillo;  Shari has been an invaluable resource to parents and children in the school district. Through her role on DPAC Shari has taken the lead on advocacy and education for parents. She has introduced parents to resources on key issues such as safe social media use and mental health awareness. Shari leads with action and will be an outstanding school Trustee.

City of Port Coquitlam Councillor, Laura Dupont; Shari has worked hard in our school community. She is a tireless volunteer who cares deeply for children and their families. Shari would put her all in to advocating for our children, to see that they all have access to a good education. She will be an excellent School Trustee. 

Former School District 43 Assistant Superintendent, Julie Pearce;  I have known Shari O’Neill for a number of years and worked closely with her on a school district advisory committee.  Shari is approachable, engaged and is genuinely committed to public education. Shari is significantly involved in community committees and understands the work of both the school district and the municipality.  Shari will bring a new perspective to the school board and will work hard for students and staff.

School District 43 Trustee, Lisa Park; Shari is a kind and faithful person who cares about students, parents and teachers. She will be a great asset to the Coquitlam School Board.

Amanda Todd Legacy Society; Knowing Shari is knowing someone with passion, integrity and dedication to both her family and her school community. She understands the importance of listening and supporting solutions. Shari would be a hard working school Trustee.

Authorized by Shari O'Neill, Financial Officer



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